68 going on sexy.

I've come back from a really full on Edinburgh which involved having to read a poem that included the line 'Jeremy Corbyn is 68 going on sexy' at Jeremy Corbyn and astonishingly winning the BBC Slam. (I thought the astonishment might wear off. It was a fun but brutal process and I feel like I've successfully made it out of the Hunger Games whilst discovering some talented poets I'd like to book for FTRW this year).

I had a couple of days rest time to move house and then was straight in to the Burning Books national tour which has been exciting and nerve wracking. Burning Books is a play that I wrote about teaching under Tory government, set in the staff room of an inner city state school and it's an adaptation of the music and poetry show which I toured in 2015. I've never experienced developing something over a very long time (25 drafts) and then sending it off around the country to be performed again and again without me there. The company have worked really hard on it in quite a short space of time and having nipped in and out of rehearsals and caught one performance in Newcastle last week, they've done a brilliant job and audience feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. They're about 1/3 of the way through the tour and the list of remaining dates is here, with one, possibly two more being added in the next few days.

During the week before the tour I was lucky enough to get to speak about Burning Books on BBC Breakfast and with Wendy Berliner at the Guardian, who went on to write a really generous piece about the play.

Whilst Burning Books is going round the UK, I'm also doing a tour of my new book ' A Self Help Guide To Being In Love With Jeremy Corbyn' - I'd like to say this was all part of a marketing strategy and not just bad planning. The first date was at a great event in Hull called Women of Words which happens once a month 2-4pm. I've become a fan of afternoon gigs. They have an entirely different atmosphere to evening ones and this coupled with the inclusive, all female ethos of the night made it one of the nicest gigs I've done in ages. Next week I'm going to be at Poetry Is Dead Good in Nottingham.

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