NaPoWriMo - The Last Two Days

So it's over! I had hoped to go out with a bang rather than the whimper of poems which I have produced but hey ho. I'll stick these two up and then in a few days when I've had time to let the dust settle I'll write a blog post about the whole process; for the one or two people who I haven't driven away.

The prompt for number 29 was to write a 28 line Cento using lines from the past 28 poems which you'd written, which I loved.

#30 was to write about something which happens again and again and the poem I wrote is probably one of the weakest of the lot.

#29 Poor Bloke

Dead fox round the neck

poor bloke

it’s just gone midnight

now in your pub

in the dodgy end of town

long past last orders

gargantuan telly

microwaved curry

didn’t realise it would be this hot

what if he cocked it up,


he could try cutting down his drinking

there’s only so much social commentary people can stomach

he hates crying

no time to write

about British wars

an empty bottle of Brewdog

tapping the top

he smoothes the breast of his new cardigan

wants to give a good impression

overcome by a sense of imminent doom

he sees the chemist in a neck brace

carrying a map of all the lights in the house

why is life going fast and faster?

yes it is

whose airway will close first?

he thought he would feel like he had more control

the fox eyes him pityingly.

#30 – Sweat and Wolf Whistles

Blisters, burns, cramps and stiches

unlaced trainers

lactic acid

dogs that hate lycra

child shaped tripping hazards

mud and rain and sore knees

weighing up how much

you’d enjoy a few miles off road

against how likely you are to be attacked

starting down the Great Central Way

at the sign of a swagger

turning back

having your phone open

when you pass the bin men

ready to snap the worst offenders

feeling guilty

when they smile and turn away

insect to the eye, ear, nose or throat

the weather not doing what it promised

inadequately dressed

inadequately fed

tunnel vision on the meadows

5k from home

putting one foot in front of the other

on repeat.

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