NaPoWriMo Day 26 - Remnants of us

What Was Left


some stacked

some strewn

split in to two distinct categories

space, monsters and Neil Gaiman

social commentary, unread classics and bad book club choices

DVDs, similar

47 varieties of tea

gargantuan telly

appalling but easily gotten used to

enough dog care paraphernalia

to think the creature was human


organic calming spray

sun lotion

drawfuls of medication

all under her name

notebooks x 100+

a stash of still wrapped nick nacks


a pit of charger cables

disposable cameras

USB sticks

plastic wallets full of illegible notes from band practises

mountains of bed socks

epi pens

NHS envelopes

a CBT guide to dealing with anxiety

a CBT guide to dealing with depression

a CBT guide to dealing with insomnia

sleeping tablets


a bit of carrot down the side of the oven

his Mum’s rings

her Dad’s chess set

a frightened poodle under the bed

amongst the dust and shoe boxes of newspaper cuttings

stashed away.

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