NaPoWriMo Days 22, 23, 24 - A Catch Up

After another weekend of birthday celebrations I haven't managed to get these online fast enough so here's three in a row.

Notes From The Allergy Clinic

We sit too close

sleeves rolled up

resisting the urge to itch

resenting the ‘no phones’ rule

as our arms blister

waiting to see

whose airway will close first.


3 ½ legs

bad breath

Russian hat

can expand to the size

of one half of a double bed when required

can push your head off the pillow at 2am

with one paw

eyes closed

will only eat food from the floor

and not from the £15 organic bamboo bowl

will only sit on the back of the sofa

and not on the memory foam pet mattress

made from the same material

as that of a NASA space rocket

only ever wants the toy

at the bottom of the basket

under the sofa

on the other side of the wall

which she can’t see

but after an hour’s barking

you check

and yes,

she’s correct, there is one there.

Hates crying

hates rowing

will dance in circles for your entertainment

until you cease,

hates working

when that work

does not require a poodle to the lap,

always just behind you

on top of you

or watching you sleep

relentlessly cheerful

a fine example

of why dog ownership

can never be

a half hearted thing.

On Having Nothing To Say

I am running out of things to write about

and the motivation with which to write them

the prompts are leaving me with nothing

there are only so many times I can stare out the window

make passing remarks on the neighbours

only so much social commentary that people can stomach

on the final days of the Labour Party

there are enough scathing attacks

at the lack of socialism

or empathy in this country

I’m no longer on holiday

it’s Monday

the only landscape left to gaze upon

is that of the neighbours opposite

who still haven’t noticed

they need a blind for their bathroom

and I’ve already written a nice description of the dog.

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