NaPoWriMo Days 8 and 9

Yesterday I was at a wedding from 10am until quite late so had no time to write a poem and completely cheated. Today I was pretty hungover and driving from Leicester to Cornwall so did the best I could under the circumstances! The prompt was to write a poem in response to someone else’s poem so I’ve written this pretty dire piece about the amount of poetry kids have to memorise and write about for GCSE English. It’s something I’m very interested in writing about so I’m hoping that by writing these few clunky lines I can come back to it after NaPoWriMo’s finished and work it in to something.

8th April

Haiku written at 10.05am when the wedding starts in less than an hour and I’ve lost a shoe

I’m going to Jess

and Bob’s wedding. Have no time

to write a poem.

9th April

Dear Charge Of The Light Brigade c/o Michael Gove

Abdul doesn’t know what the Crimean War was

he asks me if it was something to do with a crime

he finally has enough English to ask me this

and to talk to the other boys on his street

but not enough to learn and recite and analyse this poem

or to know to compare and contrast it with Bayonet Charge

or to be able to do the same with fourteen others

written by old white British men

about British wars

that seem like so long ago

he’s unsure if they were real.

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