NaPoWriMo Day 4 - A Secret

Today’s prompt is from and it was to write a poem with a secret. It was a good ‘show don’t tell’ exercise where you have something in the poem which you’re not allowed to name.


A map of all the light switches in the house

plug sockets

possible fire sources

when did we last check the smoke alarms?

carbon monoxide detectors

open windows

all the ways an intruder could kill the dog

unlocked doors

gas hobs


are the taps off?


the dog drowns

fire bomb through the letter box

is the door locked?

laptop spontaneously combusts

because I didn’t turn it off

dog flap

cat burglar

back gate

out house

warm enough?

(for the dog)

too cold

burst pipes

house flooded

drowned dog

did I leave my straighteners on?

did l leave my straighteners on?

did I leave my straighteners on?

front door shut

front door locked

are you sure?

I’ll just go back and

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