NAPOWRIMO (aka something I'm going to live to regret)

Every April I see people online taking part in Napowrimo and at the beginning of the month I'm always envious of their gusto; come the 15th, 16th, 17th etc I'm glad I'm sitting on the sofa watching Coronation Street and not slogging out another line of daily verse. However, having spent the last 12 months with my head in script writing I've decided to get back on the poetry horse is the most aggressive way possible.

As far as I can tell the only rule is that you write a poem every day for the entirety of April. It doesn't matter what form it takes (haiku or pantoum) or what you do with it (share it with the world or hide it under your bed).

My plan is to post a poem on my blog every day. This is to make myself do it, I'm under no illusion that many people (if any!) will be reading them. On the better days (I have a feeling these may come earlier on in the month) I might film or record them and stick that up too.

These are the things which are already troubling me:

- I never share anything unless it's been slaved over and crafted for weeks

- I'm going to a wedding on the 8th which starts at 10am and will no doubt keep going until the early hours

- I'm on holiday for the second week

- It's my birthday on 16th

- I'm also meant to be training for a half marathon

So I've already decided:

- I'm approaching this as an exercise in doing some free writing every day

- Some days it will only be a haiku

- Some days it won't even be a haiku

If you are planning on doing Napowrimo too let me know! I'm not entirely sure this is going to do wonders for my self confidence and it would be good to have some poetry chats on the most frustrating days.

If you want some more info about it before committing yourself, have a look at these couple of websites:

The Poetry Society - -

If you've done it before and can offer any advice, tips or dire warnings, they're very welcome.

Here's to something I will most certainly regret.



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