Food Banks, Poets for Corbyn and Bestival

This is my second contribution to my own blog which last week I would have put money on me not remembering to do. So that's a step in the right direction.

Food Bank Gig

On Saturday, me, Dave and Scott performed some stompy music poetry at Duffy's Bar in Leicester alongside Grace Petrie & the Benefits Culture and The Super 45s in aid of the Leicester South Food Bank. We raised a huge amount of food, far more than we were expecting - we were quite overwhelmed by it - so a huge thank you if you came and donated. Dave and I are taking it all down to the food bank, which is based at the Kings Centre on Bull Head Street in Wigston this evening.

Burning Books National Tour

We started the tour of our music and poetry show, Burning Books on Monday at the Oxford Playhouse which went really well. We were performing in the Burton Taylor studio which is a lovely little space and perfect for what we needed. We were already incredibly nervous but the audience were enthusiastic and friendly and seemed to get on board with us immediately. There were lots of teachers, including a couple of ladies from New Zealand in the audience who came and spoke to us afterwards about their experiences. We also met some of Oxford's poets who highly recommended the Hammer and Tongue slam which I'll have to try and get to one day soon. We got some lovely feedback afterwards too.

We're off to London tomorrow to perform at the Roundhouse. There are still tickets left if you want to come along. You can get them here

Poets For Corbyn

I mentioned last time that when I was in Edinburgh I took part in Stand Up and Slam and I had to write a 2 minute poem on the theme of politics in 24 hours. I ended up writing A Love Letter To Jeremy Corbyn which has just been published in an e-book alongside poems by people like Helen Ivory and Michael Rosen! The book's called Poets For Corbyn and you can download it here.

Other Stuff I'm Interested In...

Going To This? Bestival

Quite a few talented poets are off to Bestival this weekend. In my opinion this is who you should make an effort to see in the Ampitheatre because you won't be disappointed. (However, when it comes to my opinion and Bestival I would take it with a pinch of salt because I don't like dance music and and in previous years have gone to bed at midnight with a bag of chips). However...

Jack Rooke @jackrooke

Rob Auton @robertauton

Cecila Knapp @ceciliaknapp

John Osbourne @JohnOsRadioHead

Jodi Ann Bickley @jodiannbickley

Tim Clare @TimClarePoet

Support This. Calaid Drop Off Points

There has been loads of stuff in the press this week about the refugee crisis and the aid work in response. I can only speak for where I live in Leicester but a group of people have got organised and arranged drop off points where you can donate bags of things that are urgently needed. They're still taking donations and are looking for people with vans to help transport some of this stuff down to Calais. This is a link to their Facebook group.

Listen To This.

Round at Laurie's - Roundhouse Radio

My friend, Laurie is a great poet and really supportive of what other poets do too. She started this radio show a couple of years ago and regularly plugs what I'm doing on it (often without me even knowing!). She plays good Sunday evening music and it's a good place to discover new poets. I am always on my 'the world does not revolve around Lodon' pedal stool and even I like this. Definitely worth a listen.

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