First day of term optimism

I am well aware that most blogs are set up in a whirl of good intentions and then left by the wayside within a month. I am also really aware that it is the first day of term (in Leicester), the sun is shining, I have grand plans to tidy my office in to a minimalist haven whilst listening to a podcast about mindfulness and then spend the afternoon writing something groundbreaking.

However, when I was in Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago I realised that a lot of people I know are doing interesting things and making great stuff and I use most of my social media to talk about myself. I also worked out how to look at my website's hits and discovered that despite the fact that the site mainly just sits in internet space unchanged and stationary, there are people who come back to look at it quite often.

I want to try and write something each week that talks about the things that I'm doing but also the things that other people who I'm interested in are doing.

Edinburgh Fringe

A couple of weeks ago I went up to the Edinburgh Fringe with my band (Jess Green and the Mischief Thieves) made up of Dave Morris on drums and Scott Cadenhead on guitar. We were performing our music and poetry show, Burning Books as part of PBH's Free Fringe and we did 8 dates downstairs in a Mexican restaurant. We ended up coming back with two 5* reviews from Broadway Baby and TV Bomb which was brilliant. On our last day we went and celebrated with prosecco and steak.

Jeremy Corbyn

During the Fringe I perfrmed as part of Stand Up and Slam which is a really fun poets vs comedians night. We were given 24 hours to write a 2 minute piece on a specific theme. My theme was politics and on the drive from Leicester to Edinburgh I wrote this Love Letter to Jeremy Corbyn.

Burning Books Tour

We start the national tour of Burning Books next week with our first show at the Oxford Playhouse on 7th September. As far as I know, tickets are now available for all the gigs and links to buying tickets are here

Things I Like

Come to this.

Grace Petrie & The Benefits Culture at Duffy's Bar, Leicester

Saturday 5th September


This gig is in support of the Leicester South Food Bank where I do some volunteering. Grace and her band will be playing alongside the Super 45s and me and my band will be playing too. Tickets are free but everyone is asked to bring a food donation from this list.

Listen to this.

Diamond and Human podcast

I really like podcasts and have tried to listen to quite a few that are just made by mates in someone's living room butI have a very low cringe threshold and have never made it through a whole one. This is a great, genuinely interesting podcast about music that I really like. It's often the soundtrack to my working from home days.

Read about this.

My friend, Cecilia Knapp is a London based poet who has just come back from South Africa where she was performing her show, Finding Home. She writes a lot about themes of mental health and her debut show talks about how her brother struggled with mental illness and his eventual suicide. As part of a new project she's working on she's keen to talk to people who have used creativity during difficult times in their lives. That could be anything from writing and drawing to cooking and gardening. If you are interested, find her on twitter @ceciliaknapp

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