Power walks in dressed like your best friend, offers to pay the bills and buy the drinks. Tells you to get some sleep because they’ve got this, they’ll keep watch, stop anyone getting in. Then Power leaves in the night and clears out your house. This is where this book begins. When Power’s taken everything. How do you get it back?

My third poetry collection is available to buy here - https://burningeye.bigcartel.com/product/dressed-as-love-by-jess-green-pre-order-due-out-7th-december

I finished Dressed As Love with tears rolling down my cheeks.  There is such tenderness and fury in this extraordinary collection.  Jess Green’s clear, precise voice doing what good poetry does best- giving voice to our heartaches and yearnings and thwarted dreams, against a backdrop of what we all know, but often struggle to voice so articulately:  what it is to be a girl and a woman in a world made by and for men. A beautifully expressed call to arms that will stay with me for a very long time.

- Julie Hesmonhalgh

This is Jess Green’s best work to date. Tough, tender and insightful; I found myself in these pages, along with so much more.

- Molly Naylor

Jess Green returns with the same honest, earnest humour with which she has endeared herself to stages and the literary world for years - but on another level. Both her political and personal portraits are dressed with an extra darkness, and with detail that at times makes you grin, and at others, cuts deep. In her explorations of how threat permeates the everyday, Green masters the intertwining of mundanity and danger - to chilling effect. Green continues to be an irreplaceable voice on the state of the nation.

- Jasmine Gardosi

This fast and filmic collection is a sharp, clear, beautiful and accessible series of shots and cuts into the darkness -and the beauty-that underlies the ordinary. It draws lines from the power and perversity of  “Nice blokes” to corrupt politicians and the forced acquiescence of girlhood and womanhood. Grounded in the ordinary but with a lens on the conflicts raging underneath it, Jess is a necessary and topical truthteller

- Kate Fox.