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Jess Green and the Mischief Thieves
We are a stompy, political poetry band performing fast paced political poems underscoured by a rousing eclectic soundtrack which has influences of folk, hip hop and Deep South American Blues.
In 2015 we toured nationally our debut poetry and music show, Burning Books -  lyrical, powerful and humorous spoken word and live music show set in an inner city secondary school which tells the stories of the librarian secretly taking books to the tip, the newly qualified graduate furiously supporting Movember and the tired-out sixty-something fighting for her pension on a picket line.  A highly topical social commentary on the state of education and the teachers and students who survive within it. This show is firmly set now; at a time when public sector budgets are stretched to breaking point and teachers feel the finger of blame firmly on their heads.


Broadway Baby - *****

'Jess Green cares about education. It's written all over her face in every word of every poem she performs. That's why it's impossible to tear your eyes away from her.'


Liverpool Sound and Vision - *****

'Even if you are not a fan of poetry, it should be urged for anyone and everyone to go and witness first hand Ms. Green and her band The Mischief Thieves.'


TV Bomb  - *****

'Seeing Green on Youtube doesn't prepare you for the full power of her  passionate delivery delivery.'